Thursday, 26 May 2011

Biscuit of the week starts here!

My life seems to be a mixture of the oddest things, from buying vintage clothing, to growing potatoes, to spending weekends scouring the the Suffolk countryside for rare birds, and moths etc. I also have a healthy interest in sewing, shopping, knitting and swearing... a lot.

This blog is therefore humbly dedicated to those of you who may share one or some of my many jumbled middle-aged interests with me.

After long consideration I have decided the best place to start will be with some random product reviews, given my compulsive shopping habits. With this in mind I have decided that the item I purchase most frequently should have pride of place. Biscuits.

This weeks offering has to be one of my favourite new finds. Merba's White Chocolate and Cranberry Cookies. (Or biscuits to those of us in the UK)

This is a wonderful, semi-chewy cookie of a decent size. The outside and edges are crisp enough to give one the impression that it has at the very least been shown an oven in it's lifetime. (Which is more can be said for many of the flattened discs of raw dough masquerading as cookies that I have purchased in the past)

The cranberries have a feint tartness to them which works very well against the otherwise over powering sweetness of the chocolate chunks, this can be greatly complimented with a cup of Twining's Lapsang.

This cookie is not for the faint hearted as it contains a LOT of sugar. In fact, I imagine that if you choked on one, and died, you'd save your family the costs of having you embalmed because you just bloody crystallize in your box.

Once you have surmounted Mount Sugar, the second hit is a delightful rich vanilla flavour that just leaves you wanting more, which you can mull over whilst chewing on the lingering cranberry bits. Lovely!

Not one to be cowed by sugar, I am capable of downing two or three of these blighters in one sitting and after four weeks I am still not bored. Result!

I am finding them particularly useful on days when I am raging like a Gorgon with PMT, so if you are currently in the throws of hormonal hell then buy a packet and stuff them into your face like me. Oh and don't share them, be proud of your selfish, murderous, oestrogen-fuelled self, and keep a biro to hand so that you can strike a well aimed jab at anyone foolish enough to attempt to glean as much as a crumb from your table.

True to form, as with anything I take a fancy to, these cookies are pretty hard to find. The first packet I bought was from Budgens in Islington, however, they since seem to have ceased stocking them.

I have also tracked them down in Sainsburys and Waitrose for around £1.00 - £1.20.